Stage two: Migration

Many organisations have come to a critical watershed with their self-service strategy: existing IVR platforms are out of date, out of support and are now struggling to respond to the changing needs of the business and its customers. Even for those organisations that are not facing specific ‘end-of-life’ or support issues, the increased pace of deployment of ‘next generation’ IVR means competitors are improving their customer service in ways that legacy systems cannot keep up with.

Although this represents a challenge it is also the moment of opportunity to grasp next-generation IVR and kick-start customer-satisfaction with the advanced capabilities that it brings.

The diagram below outlines the overall migration journey for the business and the route to achieving a genuine uplift in business benefit.Migration

Nine point strategy

Vicorp has devised a nine point strategy for the successful and painless migration of IVR estates that are fundamental to the business operation. This strategy can then be used as the basis for formulating a multi-step migration plan that takes full account of existing and new capabilities with a view to:

  • Developing a safe, multi-step migration programme that poses no risk to existing customer experience and performance levels. Protecting existing investments and maximising their ongoing use
  • Parallel running of old and new systems to reduce risk and prove the new technology and applications
  • Replacing old and building new voice applications in a truly portable way that protects them from future infrastructure or vendor changes and encapsulates them as corporate intellectual property assets for the long term
  • Identifying and designing re-usable application components
  • Demonstrating the improved service performance of ‘intelligently ported’ applications
  • Minimising cost and operational complexity (future cost) of the next-generation platform and architecture.

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