Travel & Leisure

The travel and leisure industries form one of the largest sectors, generating huge volumes of call centre traffic. However profits in the sector are based on large numbers of transactions with relatively small margins per customer, so organisations are constantly looking at ways to improve operating efficiency whilst improving customer service and interaction.

Whether you are involved with the airline industry, travel agents, hotels or corporate hospitality etc. You will probably be facing a range of common issues:

  • High expectations from customers: these must be met and exceeded, while managing costs and maintaining efficiency
  • Peaks and troughs of customer demands: how you meet these changes quickly as customer demand rises and falls depending busy holiday periods, close to an event or the need for customer announcements
  • The need to maintain profit margins: Increasing oil costs, the credit crunch and people using the Internet to book directly have a big impact on the bottom line. You need to find ways of keeping profits up to counter these areas
  • Repetitive nature of calls: Many calls received by the Travel and Leisure industry are repetitive and similar, these type of calls need to be dealt with quickly and at low cost
  • Growing number of services and people using them: the growing number of people requiring services and information is increasing year-on year. You need to manage this growth whilst providing improved service levels
  • Technology investments: you already invested highly in your existing systems and need to protect your infrastructure investment and easily access leading edge technology without capital barriers
  • Working in a global arena: dealing with customers from all over the world the expectation to provide language options grows

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