With today’s over-saturated marketplace, it is vital for service providers to reduce churn by delivering feature rich and higher quality customer service.  ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) and loyalty can be increased by offering rich services. This presents a very compelling proposition.

While reaching for this goal, service providers have several issues to tackle:

  • Gaining market share: in an oversaturated market this is essential for all telecoms service providers and depends on being able to provide some real differentiators to the market, both in terms of the attractiveness of new services and the ease with which they can be acquired by clients – increasingly this means offering PAYG or transaction based pricing.
  • Winning new customers:  winning and retaining customers is the ultimate challenge – so arming your key account executives with a library of business solutions is now as important as the data network capability
  • Reducing customer churn: delivering exceptional customer service, cost effectively, is a key factor in retaining clients.
  • Local versus offshore call centres:  The cost of early call centres spiralled out of control and moving them offshore has had a very mixed press.  Today, more organisations want to revisit how to establish high quality local service by becoming more efficient.  There are two drivers to enable this: commoditisation of infrastructure costs and reduction in the cost of accessing service by exploiting high grade self service options.
  • Maximising return from IVR infrastructure investment: When first generation IVR was employed, this cut costs but at the same time cut customer service. More recent technology offers a raft of options for businesses investing in speech.  However spending new capex is a barrier and operators want scalable, low cost access to new IVR capacity that they can access “on-demand” and where they can see and control the operating margins.
  • Growth through merger and acquisition: Most telecom service providers have not grown organically, but out of numerous smaller companies, which have merged or been acquired over a period of time.  This is a potentially huge problem for the company in terms of differing telephony hardware, technologies and identity.  Creating a unified service architecture is the solution to disparate and often costly IVR platforms.  This is where Vicorp can help by abstracting all of your services into a software only environment that you can control.

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