Consumers are getting used to buying goods and services remotely rather than in the high street.  As a result they need to resolve queries that arise using the web and the phone rather than over the counter.  Because more consumers are now happy to make purchases via the web or through direct marketing channels this basic consumer behaviour is driving a surge in telephone based support and customer services inquiries.

Handling this challenge is the new front line for retail businesses – a bad experience means that customers can quickly move to a competitor but a good experience of service has the opposite effect and builds loyalty.

Retailers need to offer the right product, at the right price, through the right channel and with a superior level of service.  With the marketplace changing more quickly now than ever before, retailers have so much to consider.

  • Maintaining customer loyalty: creating greater customer loyalty via all available communication channels, while managing costs and maintaining efficiency.
  • Attracting new customers: you need to make it as easy as possible for new customers to make purchasing decisions.
  • Fierce competition: retailers need to differentiate themselves through good service, especially with account enquiries, order tracking and returns.
  • Technology investments:  you need to offer leading edge services without major capital investment or fear of technology change and these services need to be under your own control so that you can react quickly on all service related processes.

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