Financial Services

Gone are the days when simply opening the doors to your high street branches at 9am was enough to satisfy your customers’ contact needs. Today, in a world of regulatory compliance, security and data protection concerns, multi-media and 24/7 availability, financial services have much more to consider.

  • High customer expectations: these must be met and exceeded, while managing costs and maintaining efficiency
  • Improving customer satisfaction: customers continue to demand better service from their providers and increasing personalisation, for example, helps improve customer satisfaction
  • Fierce competition in a global market: how you deliver your service directly impacts your ability to compete, reduce cost, generate revenue and maintain customer loyalty
  • Security of information and customers’ investments: without enhanced security financial institutions lose credibility and ultimately customers
  • Increasing security without impacting customer service: as telephone fraud increases, organisations face the challenge of giving customers a simple yet secure channel with which to interface and interact
  • Technology investments: you already invested highly in your existing systems and need to protect your infrastructure investment and get the most out of it whilst ensuring new investment is free from vendor lock-in, is standards based and not likely to become obsolete in the near term.

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