xMP: VoiceXML Service Creation and Portal Management

VXML is the de facto global standard for rendering speech applications within any IVR environment. Based entirely on VoiceXML, Vicorp's xMP platform is a service creation toolkit and operating environment for all types of speech applications.

  • A feature-rich graphical design and build VXML solution
  • Completely standalone and will work on any media server that is VXML compliant
  • Operates across multiple servers in real time and is fully multi-tenanted
  • Simplifies application support and maintenance
  • All applications are made completely portable

VXML is run under W3C auspices and is continually being advanced (See the VXML Forum). Vicorp xMP generates precise VXML code automatically and dynamically - so you don't have to either write it or manage it. This represents a large saving in resources for developing applications but also for maintaining them, which can be easily overlooked. xMP's powerful GUI based tools allow any VXML application to be developed and also add a range of additional back-end capabilities that help to ensure your applications work smoothly and can be fine-tuned to suit your callers' needs.

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xMP's product suite consists of the following:


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