Voice Biometric Technology & Security

Vicorp voice biometrics utilise advanced biometric pattern
analysis to power a range of new speech applications. Our solutions provide a fully customisable set of speech biometric features that will fit seamlessly into any IVR application or operate as stand-alone. This includes voice authentication, fraud prevention through cross-matching of voices, security checks and many other features that help to make the customer experience easier and secure.

Benefits of our voice biometric solutions at a glance:

  • language independent
  • High accuracy
  • Highly scaleable
  • Instantly intuitive to users
  • Secure
  • Low cost / high value
  • Hosted or On-Premise or operate as a service
  • Mobile / web voice authentication applications

Vicorp Voice ID

Vicorp Voice ID uses voice biometrics to enable quick verification of
the caller’s identity over the phone – no other information is needed.
It’s highly secure and very easy to use.data sheet

Vicorp Secure OnLineTM

This is an innovative solution that combines IVR self-service
with voice biometrics to deliver secure on-line banking and
similar transactions over the Internet.data sheet

Fraud Prevention Service

Vicorp xSB is a blacklist monitoring platform that enables quick and accurate detection of known and suspected fraudsters by matching their voice and providing an alert to the contact centre.data sheet

PCI-DSS Secure Access

An effective, user friendly and cost-saving way to ensure that your
organisation maintains a secure access policy and is compliant
with PCI standards.data sheet


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