Vicorp launches new outbound communication Platform: xMP Campaign Master

Vicorp launches new outbound communication Platform: xMP Campaign Master

Vicorp has now released a fully featured outbound communications platform designed to open up self-service into the mobile channel and across all forms of outbound communication channels.

About XMP Campaign Master

Mobile marketing growth

Consumers are showing significant interest in interactive online and mobile entertainment and data services. See the IAB report with PWC for dramatic growth statistics in 2008 and 2009.

Users are very much open to mobile marketing with 70% of survey participants attracted by interactive marketing formats. Companies are keen to take advantage of this opportunity. However, few understand how to fully capitalise on it. 

Solutions are not commonly available

Companies can manage interactive campaigns in-house. However, developing a service creation platform and acquiring the requisite technical skills to design and manage projects is a considerable overhead. The alternative of working with digital agencies is the route adopted by most businesses. But it can be expensive. And it greatly compromises flexibility.

Meeting today's needs

Companies require a new approach to designing, implementing and maintaining integrated online and offline interactive campaigns. It must be simple and cost efficient to build and measure campaigns while also supporting advanced services, generating new revenues, improving the customer experience and allowing content to be quickly devised and launched.

A One-Stop solution

Vicorp's xMP Campaign Master Platform is highly intuitive to use. It supports the ‘second nature' creation of micro-web sites on web pages, interactive banners and both static and dynamic mobile content for all popular devices.


The system is typically hosted by Vicorp and is highly cost efficient - removing Capex and significantly reducing Opex. 


Highly compelling interactive services are easily and quickly deployed. Including personalised call campaigns (celebrity call backs), mobile downloads (e.g. screen savers and ring tones), mobile video, SMS and voice alerts, mobile coupons, voice comments (users can leave these on sites). The technology especially lends itself to retail, media agencies and businesses, financial services and mass notification markets. 


Vicorp supports customers in developing successful campaigns which can be prototyped in a few days and launched at will. Response rates are very high and measurable benefits can quickly be established.

Integrated Outbound & Inbound communications

Vicorp's xMP products enable full round-trip integration of inbound (IVR) and outbound messaging for genuinely interactive customer contact strategies across virtually all mediums, with high scalability - and available on demand.


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