Vicorp extends access through hosting partners


Vicorp is delighted to announce its partnership with HTK, a UK based hosted managed services provider.  Through this partnership Vicorp will offer its customers an on-demand hosted service, which will cost-effectively enable the delivery of an excellent customer experience.

Making voice applications accessible to a wider market
Through an on-demand model, organisations that would not normally be in a position to take advantage of advanced speech applications running on an in-house platform can take advantage of a pay-as-you-go payment scheme and offer their end callers an improved self-service experience.  With no upfront infrastructure costs, organisations will be able to see immediate benefit and a fast return on their investment in superior self-service applications.

“Vicorp welcomes HTK as one of our hosting partners,” announces Lee Cottle, COO at Vicorp. “They are a trusted supplier for the delivery of mission-critical hosted services to government and private sector clients.  In partnering with them we can offer our customers a comprehensive on-demand speech solution.”

By integrating Vicorp’s service creation and execution environment, xMP, into the on-demand Horizon™ service delivery platform, HTK will be able to pass onto their customers benefits such as editable and re-usable component technology and full reporting on IVR application usage.

Cottle adds, “This partnership is a good fit.  Together we are able to offer agile services based on open industry standards, which can grow and adapt to meet business needs and customer demand without the requirement for large infrastructure investment.”

About HTK
HTK provides hosted managed services that encompass interactive voice and media technologies, to provide organisations with an on-demand solution for the delivery of holistic and personalised customer interaction management.

As telecom networks evolve and the market for value-added network services grows, HTK will become a leading provider of hosted telecom services that can be integrated and distributed on an international scale. For more information visit or contact


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