Vicorp’s award-winning xMP 5.0 sets a new standard for voice application building

UK based Vicorp is delighted to announce the release of version 5.0 of their award-winning service creation and execution tool, xMP.  Vicorp’s xMP 5.0 enables organisations to design, build and manage sophisticated voice applications and enjoy full re-use of all components.

xMP 5.0 enhancements
The usability and functionality of xMP have improved substantially with version 5.0 and as a result Vicorp’s customers and developers will find the product easier-to-use and more feature rich, and the end caller will ultimately receive a smoother call experience.

“We are delighted with xMP version 5.0”, says Brendan Treacy, CEO, Vicorp UK Limited.  “The key improvement is that of the components.  Components enable customers to build up a comprehensive library of re-usable code, which will be of true benefit to our customers and provide significant payback.”

Benefits of the xMP component technology include:

  • rapid application development as existing functionality can be re-used, enabling fast response to market changes,
  • reduced risk by re-using pre-tested and tuned components,
  • reduced overall development and support costs, since core components can be managed and upgraded once and then shared across all applications,
  • consistent caller experience over a range of applications, enhancing the brand experience of the end customer,
  • increased opportunity for offering a personalised service

Treacy adds,  “We work hard to offer our customers superior technology and greater ease-of-use, so that they in turn can give their customers an excellent, personalised caller experience.”

In addition to the upgraded component capability, xMP Version 5.0 offers several further enhancements:

  • Now compatible with the latest versions of application servers from a range of vendors, customers can adopt the specific application server version that best suits their IT policy, while benefiting from the latest features and patches.
  • Enhanced logging enables quick and accurate debugging for performance analysis so that a system may be tuned and rapidly released to market.
  • The improved caching system means that the customer can get more out of their infrastructure without the need for increased bandwidth.
  • The new invalid session handling function alerts the customer’s platform operations team while gracefully handling misdirected application requests and thus limiting any negative impact on the end caller.

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