i6 Net Partnership

I6net Partners With Vicorp to provide it's existing and new customers with Vicorp's xMP Service Creation and Execution Environment.

Vicorp, the personalised self-service phone company,
today announced that I6net, has selected xMP software as part of its' IVR
solutions in both hosted and premise solutions.

I6net provides customers with the most advanced VxML
IVR plugin, Vxi*, for Asterisk.  Asterisk is a free and open source platform
framework for building communications applications and is the most widely
adopted platform of its type.

Vicorp's xMP ‘create once, deploy anywhere' technology
approach is important to I6net's initiative because it enables self-service
applications to be rapidly created and then deployed and centrally managed
across a network of Vxi* media servers. 
This approach allows I6net customers to maintain a single set of
self-service skills to rapidly create, deploy and manage several services
whilst at the same time allowing them to choose a future-proof best-in-class
IVR VXML platform in Vxi*.

"We are delighted to be part of I6net's open standards
based IVR solutions, it highlights the importance of being able to provide
customers with personalized one stop solutions too, whilst protecting the
investments they have made. The I6net and Vicorp solution can help to lower
costs while also delivering a much improved end customer experience, by having the
Vxi* platform with it's unique capabilities and the build once and re-use
ability and rapid service creation capabilities of Vicorp's xMP solution" said Brendan
Treacy, Vicorp's CEO           .


About i6NET

I6NET Solutions and Technologies Limited is a European company specialising
in the development of new IVR / IVVR applications for advanced communications.
It's innovative VoiceXML browser and technologies enables the creation of
interactive voice and video services to access multi-lingual and dynamic
content via the phone, web browsers and mobile devices.

For more information visit: http://www.i6net.com



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