xMP Information

Tools download

The current download of xMP is release 5.1.


xMP has a relatively small footprint, requiring about 160MB of space.

Run-time requirements

Our hosted run-time environment will provide you with all of the IVR components that you need to undertake quality testing for your applications. This includes ASR / TTS (English), application servers and media servers and dedicated phone lines.
If you require other languages please let us know.


We need your machine hostname so that you can connect your application output directly to our hosting environment.

Moving into real production – next steps

If you are happy with how to design, build and deploy voice applications with xMP you may want to plan on going “live” with your applications. We’ll be happy to help you through all of the stages involved and the decisions on how to get the best results.
But if you simply want to take the applications you have built and keep them running in our hosted environment – we can easily switch you into a live hosted environment with whatever call capacity you may need.

Basic Support

Our technical support team will offer you [2] hours of free technical support via email and phone. We undertake to help you on a best efforts basis during UK business hours only.

Premium Support

If you are undertaking a complex project or having technical issues that require more time or expertise, we can help. Our Premium Support agreement is designed to give you access to our full team for minimum expense. Premium Support can be easily purchased as follows:

  • Daily purchase (UK business hours) - £200 per day
  • Monthly purchase (UK business hours) - £1800 per month

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