Vicorp – Making better Speech Applications

Vicorp makes it easy to design, build and run great voice applications. We provide state of the art technologies for both interactive speech self-service and voice biometrics.

Our self-service design platform is called xMP.  It will enable you to build quick and simple applications - or very sophisticated ones.

Our voice biometric platform is called xSB and lies behind state of the art speech biometric solutions for secure identication and speaker ID matching.

Vicorp gives customers real control over how they design, build and run their voice services.

How do we make it easy for you?
  • Our technology:          Best-in-class, easy to use and based on open standards
  • Our people:                  Experts ready to help you and be there when needed
  • Our accountability:    We never lose sight of the business benefit
  • Our approach:             We always get the job done and take real pride in our products and applications
What is our mission?

Vicorp’s mission is to make voice self-service and voice biometrics accessible, relevant, high quality and very effective.

How do we do it? 

xMP and xSB are complete implementation platforms. We can help you create and manage self-service solutions and secure telephone services that suit your business and your callers, incorporating any options you want.  That includes user-friendly natural language applications that are secure, intuitive and integrate seemlessly into your business processes..


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